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Schooltool Student Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Student Portal Information

The Oneida City School District uses Schooltool as its Student Data Management System. A component of this system is a secure, web-based portal for accessing student’s grades, attendance and other information. The District has long provided parents and legal guardians of students in grades 4-12 access to information in Schooltool through the Parent Portal as a way of encouraging participation in a child’s education and improving communication between students, parents/guardians, and District Staff. Now, students in grades 6-12 will have access to the same information with their own usernames and passwords.


Is Student Portal the same thing as Parent Portal?

Yes. The platform is the same.


How do I sign up?

All students will be registered automatically for student portal. Any parent that does not want their student to have access to student portal will need to fill out the form and return it to the secretary in the main office. The main office will then notify the IT department.


What information will students see when they log in?

  • First Name, Last Name & Home Address
  • Counselor Name
  • Current Grade
  • Teacher
  • Locker
  • Attendance Record
  • Discipline
  • Assessments
  • 6-8 Testing (Assessments)
  • Assignment Grades (Grades 6-12)
  • Marking Period Average
  • Marking Period Grades
  • Progress Report Grades
  • Final Grades 
  • Schedules / Course Selections


Do students get to see information for their siblings that go to school in the district?

No. Students will only see information pertaining to themselves.


What is my username and password?

All students currently have a log in username and password at school.  Students in grades 6-12 will use the same username and password they use to log in to the network at school.


What if I need to change my password?

All student username and passwords are maintained by the Oneida City School District Technology Department.  If a student feels that their password has been compromised they need to speak to their teacher or guidance counselor who will contact the IT department for a password reset.


Can any changes be made in Student Portal?

No. Student Portal is for viewing only. No changes can be made.


What if the Student Portal shows an incorrect grade or attendance information?

Students will want to contact their Guidance Counselor and/or Teacher so that they can make any necessary corrections on their end.


How do I get to Student Portal?

Please click on the link below to access the Student Portal website.


Do I need any special software to access Student Portal?

No, you do not need any special software to access the portal. You only need Internet access. Please note: Schooltool seems to work best on Chrome and updated browsers.


Is there an App?

Yes, to get started using the schooltool mobile app you only need to do three things:

Download and install the Schooltool mobile app. Available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Enter the following three pieces of information in the fields that appear when you run the app:

  • Domain /URL: Enter the URL (website) used to access Schooltool:
  • Username: Enter your Schooltool username.  If you are a parent, this will be an email address used when you signed up for Parent Portal. If you are a teacher this will be the same username you use to login at school.
  • Password:  Enter the password you use to log into Schooltool.

Click on “Log in”

**Enabling Push Notifications: For Android, use the Settings area in the app to choose whether or not to receive notifications. For iOS users, this is managed in the Notification Center in your device’s Settings area.

Tip: You will want to use the “Stay logged in” option if you do not want to enter this information each time you access the app. 

  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Talk to a guidance counselor or teacher if someone else, other than your parents, has your password. 
  • Always log out of a computer when you walk away from it.
  • Keep a passcode on your phone. 

I signed the form to have my student blocked from Student Portal, but have since changed my mind. How do I sign back up?

To sign back up, parents or legal guardians must provide a signed written letter of consent requesting that the access be turned back on and give it to the secretary in the main office. 

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