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The Tdap vaccine is required for all students who are 11 years old and entering 6th grade in September 2018. When your child turns 11 years old, please schedule an appointment at your child's doctor for your child to receive the Tdap vaccine. If the student is currently 10 years old, your child may wait to receive the Tdap vaccine until after they turn 11 years old. If your child will be turning 11 years old before school starts in the fall, the Tdap vaccine will be required for school entrance. If your child has a fall birthday, they will have up to two weeks after their birthday to receive the required vaccine. If the student does not receive the Tdap vaccine within the two week time frame, that student will be excluded from school until the vaccine is received. Proof of the immunization from the physician or Madison County Department of Health has to be given to the school nurse after the vaccine is received.

Immunization Information
:  “All children between two months and 18 years must show proof of compliance with the immunization requirements in Public Health Law Section 2164…
The principal is required to refuse to admit to school any child who is not in compliance or does not present acceptable evidence of immunization…Public Health Law, Section 2164.7 allows for a “grace” period for parents to receive the necessary immunization documentation( 14 days for in state students; 30 days for out of state students ), but this is only when the family has shown a good faith effort.”

School Screening on all students will begin in October 2018 in the OSMS school nurse's office and continue until all students are screened. Screening exams are an important part of making sure each student is successful in school. Screening exams includes far vision exam, near vision exam, color perception test, hearing test, blood pressure, scoliosis screening, height and weight check. If any problems are found, the parent/guardian will receive a letter in the mail regarding this. For example, if your child fails the far vision exam, the parent/guardian will receive a vision letter in the mail outlining the vision problem. Random head checks are done to check for head lice but are not done on all students. If you prefer not to have your student screened in the school nurse's office, please contact Mrs. Bognaski at 315-361-6085 or 315-363-1050 ext. 3. The parent/guardian will need to provide the school nurse with a completed physical exam done by the student's doctor within this school year which includes hearing, vision, scoliosis, blood pressure, height and weight. Please contact Mrs. Bognaski at the above phone number or by e-mail at sbognaski@oneidacsd.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Grace Digman, FNP, our school health care provider, will be at OSMS on November 3, 2017 in the morning to do physicals for seventh graders and any new students to the district who do not have a current physical. Also, any student who needs a physical to participate in a school sport may have a school physical on 11/3/17. A letter will be mailed home on October 10, 2017 to all 7th grade students who do not have a current physical on file in the school nurse's office. Parents are asked to please sign and return that form as soon as possible to Ms. Bognaski, the OSMS School Nurse. If you have any questions or concerns about the school physical, please call the school nurse at 315-363-1050 ext. 3 or 315-361-6085.
7th Grade Physicals
All 7th grade students are required per New York State law to have a current physical. All students who want to try out, practice or participate in a school sport must have a current physical. A physical is good for one year, for example if the physical was done on March 1, 2018, that physical will be good until March 31, 2019. It is important to call your doctor early as some doctor's offices are booking two to three months out for a physical exam. Every sports season there are students who do not get to try out/participate because they do not have a current physical on file in the nurse's office. So please call your doctor early!!! Remember ALL 7th grade students are required to have a physical regardless of whether they play a school sport or not. Remember to give a copy of the physical exam to the school nurse after the physical is done to keep your child's school health record up to date.

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Bognaski, Sharon
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(315) 361-6085
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Wampsville, NY 13163
Otto Shortell Middle School Nurse

Schoeneck, Maggie
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Oneida High School Nurse